Dental Care

Regular oral examinations by a licensed veterinarian are important for maintaining your pets oral health. After a thorough examination we will provide a specific periodontal therapy plan.

We use the American Veterinary Dental College grading system to determine the most suitable periodontal therapy plan for your pet. For information regarding this grading system or other helpful information please click here.

For some patients a dental cleaning or advanced care may be necessary. In order to perform these procedures general anesthesia is required. All patients will have individual anesthetic protocols created for the dental prophylaxis and therapeutics necessary for optimal post operative care. 

All patients will be required to have a complete physical examination performed prior to scheduling a dental prophylaxis, in order to determine necessary pre-operative diagnostics. Placing an intravenous (IV) catheter and maintaining your pet on intravenous fluids during a dental procedure is also always performed.

During a dental cleaning:

  • We perform a thorough oral examination by probing every tooth for pockets and lesions.
  • We perform full mouth dental radiographs in all dental procedures to provide us with the most accurate information as to your pets’ oral health below the gum line.
  • These radiographs then provide a guide as to what advanced care may be warranted.
  • An ultrasonic dental scaler and polisher is then used to clean and polish each tooth above and below the gum line.

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Dental Care

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