Fetch the Vet Mobile Veterinary Practice provides important diagnostics to help evaluate the health of your pet for both routine care and at times of ill-health. Some of these include:

  • Blood tests (e.g. testing for heartworm, lyme disease, feline leukemia virus, liver/kidney/thyroid function etc.)
  • Fecal exams (e.g. testing for evidence of intestinal parasites etc.)
  • Urine assessment (e.g. testing for urinary tract infections, bladder stones, etc.)
  • Cytology/Biopsies (e.g. testing for infection or different types of cancer etc)
  • Digital Radiology/Ultrasound (e.g. to evaluate what we cannot see)

All clinical samples are collected from your pet at home and performed In-House or sent by our staff to Idexx Laboratories for diagnostic testing. We electronically receive sample results typically within 1-2 business days. Results will be reviewed and you will receive a call from us to discuss the findings.

Medical Exams



Dental Care

Hospice Care